The River Noce

The Noce is without doubt one of the best stretches of water in Italy for those who want to canoe.

The reasons are many, the beautiful surrounding scenery, the length of the course, and the varying levels of difficulty.

From its source at the ‘Corno dei Tre Signori’ (3360m a.s.l.) in the mountain range Ortles-Cevedale, after a few kilometres it goes on to form the artificial lake of Pian Palù, a stunning mirror of blue and turquoise. Reduced to a stream used for hydroelectricity, it continues to Cogolo in Val di Pejo where it is supplied by the Noce Biano.

Almost three kilometres after Cogolo the Noce descends to the valley floor to form an uninterrupted rapid, accessible only to expert canoeists, and then calms down before joining the mountain river Vermigliana, another interesting stretch of water with its source in Passo del Tonale (1883m a.s.l.) and with only a short usable distance owing to its manmade jumps.